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Laurie Fleming

Laurie Fleming has been in the health and fitness industry for 20+ years. She began her career at the Manchester Athletic Club working on the fitness floor. While there, she earned multiple certifications including personal training and nutritional counseling.

In 1996, she discovered Stott Pilates and after becoming certified, opened Streamline Strength in 1998. Laurie is continuously enhancing her education and understanding of the mind/body connection through yoga, breathing techniques and meditation. Laurie is known for her attention to detail and correct form as well as her intuitiveness in looking beyond her clients' physical body to their total well-being.


Rita Dourado

Rita Dourado turned to Pilates as a way to find relief from lower body pain and to correct a very poor posture and soon it turned into a passionate belief that Pilates can help many people, from those suffering from injury to athletes.

Encouraged by the changes in her body and her progress, Rita realized that she wanted to share this safe way to strengthen the body and to maintain fitness for life with others. She decided to pursue Pilates as a career and completed Balanced Body University comprehensive training.

With the desire to add on to her skills she completed The Pink Ribbon Program (Pilates based program to enhance recovery for breast cancer patients), Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist Program through the Center for Women’s Fitness, Pilates for MS and Neurological Conditions Program, TRX Suspension Training and Buff Bones® (Pilates based program to help build and maintain healthy bones for those with low bone density).

Rita believes that Pilates is much more than an exercise routine, it is a balanced and beautiful way of life, she loves sharing her passion with people and helping them to reach their fitness goals. When she is not teaching, she is spending time around nature, riding her bike, crocheting and enjoying the beach in the summer time!

For more information, contact Laurie Fleming, Stott Certified Trainer/Owner
at (978) 281- LEGS ... 978.281.5347
email to streamlinestrength@yahoo.com
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